Identification Solutions


Photosensitive anodized aluminum is known as a few different names. Whether you call it photo anodized aluminum, photo metal or Metalphoto its unique process utilizes the porous nature of unsealed anodized aluminum to create a sub-surface image, through exposure and development of an anodic layer impregnated with silver compounds. The anodizing process resists chemicals, abrasions, UV, extreme heat, graffiti and will not peel, crack or delaminate. It is the preferred material where service life is expected to be up to 20 years. This process lends itself to any type of variable data jobs, including barcodes, RFID, and consecutive numbering to name a few and is extremely efficient through this process. This process produces photo quality images as part of its normal process.

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MaterialsPhoto anodized aluminum
Thickness.003” to .125”
DurabilityUV-stable; certified for 20+ years of outdoor applications; meets several commercial, government and military specifications
ColorsThere are numerous metalphoto colors, options, and material finished available including a Gloss, Satin, or Matte finish. Once the metal is exposed you can screen/seal other colors before finishing.
Size 20”x24” max size for a single image. We specialize in multi panel mural style projects that allows for extremely large images.
Image QualityMetalphoto is able to achieve photo quality graphics through its unique process.
End Uses Variable data, barcodes, RFID codes, Military, Aerospace, Marine, Heavy Machine, or anything where durability is a concern due to harsh environmental conditions or exposure to corrosive chemicals.