Identification Solutions


The strip and etch process, also known as Dura-Etch, is used when a product has requirements for engraving anodized aluminum. These plates are chemically etched which strips the anodic film from the anodized aluminum and embeds the image into the nameplate, thus becoming an integral part of the material. This process is ideal for harsh environments and will last at least 7 years in the field depending on conditions, often much longer. Parts can be etched and filled with any color, or colored anodize material can be stripped to create a contract of colors to metal.

If the ink/paint is somehow removed from an etched nameplate, the data on the plate is still visible in the areas that are etched which extends the life of the nameplate dramatically. This makes this process ideal for some of the most volatile of environments.

Etched Image

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MaterialsAluminum 5005
Thickness.016” to .125”
Etch DepthStandard etch: .0015” -.002”
Durability7-year outdoor environment weatherability (even in the harshest of conditions).
ColorsA wide variety of color options are available
Size24” x 24” Maximum for a single image
End UsesMilitary, Aerospace, Marine, Heavy Machine, or anything where durability is a concern due to harsh environmental conditions or exposure to corrosive chemicals.