Identification Solutions

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Chemi-Graphic prides itself on working with its customers on a personal level to develop custom identification solutions that meet a wide variety of our customer's needs. Chemi-Graphic's products are used in all types of environments, from typical commercial uses all the way to the harshest possible conditions. Whether your needs are low-rate to high volume, we will work with you to produce a solution that meets your specific requirements.


Screen & Digitally printed nameplates are best suited for normal to harsh indoor use and normal outdoor use. This is typically the most cost effective option available. Screen inks are printed directly on the surface of the material and can be done so in a wide variety of colors and materials. Digital printing is used for flexible materials roll to roll. Let us quote your needs.

Etched Nameplates

Etched nameplates are ideal for harsh indoor and harsh outdoor applications. The etching process removes a layer of metal and becomes a permanent part of the nameplate. Inks have increased durability as they are in the etched areas below the surface. Etched nameplates are readable long after the ink has worn away as the data on the plate is etched into the metal creating a visual contrast. Not sure if this is the right process for you? We are here to answer all of your questions.

Anodized Nameplates

Anodized Aluminum nameplates are ideal for harsh indoor & medium outdoor applications. Different processes are used with Anodized nameplates and are known by different names. Strip & Etch, Dura-Etch, Dye & Seal and Anoprint are some industry names. Processes range from stripping anodic film to printing into unsealed anodized aluminum. All processes embed the image into the nameplate, thus becoming a permanent part of the material for long term durability. Parts can be filled with a multitude of colors, or colored anodized material can be stripped to create a contrast of colors to metal. Not sure what you need? Call us and we walk you through all of your options.

Metalphoto is ideal for harsh indoor & harsh outdoor applications. Metalphoto’s unique process creates a subsurface image that is sealed inside the metal’s hard anodized aluminum. Exposure and development of an anodic layer impregnated with silver compounds creates the contrast images. This process is extremely durable which can stand up to chemicals, abrasions, UV, extreme heat, and will not peel, crack or delaminate. This process lends itself to any type of variable data jobs, including barcodes, RFID, and consecutive numbering. This process produces photo quality images as part of its exposure process. Does this process sound interesting? Talk to us to find out more.

We specialize in cost effective solutions for consecutive numbering identification. Whether the need calls for tracking products with Barcodes/RFID information or consecutive numbering for stadium seating & lockers, Chemi Graphic excels in these types of parts. Do you need to track your products? Give us a call.

Using our specialized CNC equipment we are capable of producing highly complex, tight tolerance cutouts without tooling costs. Industries such as construction equipment, audio equipment and automated kitchen equipment are a few industries that use instrument panels. Call us to hear more about this solution.


Aluminum is used in many of our processes from screen printed to etched & anodized nameplates and spans countless industries from commercial to industrial. It is cost effective and durable making it one of our most popular substrates and comes in a wide array of thicknesses & finishes. We stock hundreds of options in our facility for your convenience.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodizing aluminum is an extremely durable post-processing method that can add color and durability to parts. Not only does it enhance the properties and appearance, it enables better adhesion for paint primers and glues. This technique utilizes anodic films that provide unique aesthetic effects that will not take away from the natural appearance of the material. Aluminum is the most widely used material in the anodizing process. Stripping colored anodized aluminum creates a durable contrast for visually elegant and durable parts.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is used in harsh outdoor applications when extreme resistance to corrosion is necessary. While more expensive than aluminum, stainless steel has higher ability to weather corrosion in harsh conditions and provides added protection in the food industries high temperature environments. Stainless steel comes in a wide array of thicknesses & finishes. We stock hundreds of options in our facility for your convenience.

Brass & Copper

Brass & Copper provide a luxurious and distinct look and may be printed or chemically etched and color-filled. A distinct elegant visual appearance, brass also possesses unique characteristics such as extreme durability which is resistant to corrosion, salt water & solvents. Other unique properties are being non ferrous and low friction, reducing potential issues in high volatile environments.

Roll to roll labels are a cost effective alternative to metal nameplates and provide good exterior durability. Small minimums and fast turn around make Chemi Graphic a unique supplier in this area. Labels have good solvent resistance while providing good clarity and stability. Typical materials such as Mylar & polyester with subsurface printing result in a label with good durability and long life. Available in a wide range of colors, thicknesses, overlays, adhesives and materials in flexible or rigid versions such as PETG.

We do custom personalized art on metal. Whether its a photo of a loved one, a favorite pet or a car that its owner loves, you can cherish those photos on metal that will last decades. Give us a call to find out what we can do for you.