Identification Solutions

Direct Screen Printing

Direct screen-printed nameplates are an affordable option most commonly used for light outdoor or indoor use. This process will generally last 3-5 years in the field, depending on the conditions and outdoor exposure variables (often much longer). Additionally, for extra-durability, a clear top-coat can be applied to metal materials.

The ink is printed directly on the surface of the material and can be done so in a wide variety of colors (single or multi-color), both stock and custom color matched inks are available. This process is also available to be printed on a wide variety of materials, allowing us to meet your specific needs.


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MaterialsAluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Lexan (Polycarbonate), Plastics, Foil, Mylar, Vinyl
Thickness.002" to .250"
Durability3-5 years of light outdoor performance
Extended DurabilityOur custom designed topcoats have passed 500-hour salt spray testing for harsh environments. These products have demonstrated a 100% passing rating in accordance with ASTM B-117 which meets or exceeds the requirements of Method 811.1 of Federal Test Method Standard No. 151b.
ColorsSpecial color standards - Pantone, ANSI Safety inks, Gov't Specs, RAL, Pantone, FED Federal Standards, Custom color matching.
SizeMax size is 25” x 33” or 20” x 42” for a single image. For larger sizes please refer to our Digital Process capability where we specialize in architectural multi-panel, mural style projects that allows for extremely large images.
End UsesPumps, valves, meters, boilers, precision instruments, dials, identification plates, signage, medical equipment ID tags, thermostat dials, stadium seating, hubodometers, data plates, locker numbers, business cards, safety/warning signs and instruction plates.