Identification Solutions

Direct Screen Printing

Direct screen-printed nameplates are an affordable option most commonly used for light outdoor or indoor use. This process will generally last 3-5 years in the field, depending on the conditions and outdoor exposure variables (often much longer). Additionally, for extra-durability, a clear top-coat can be applied to metal materials.

The ink is printed directly on the surface of the material and can be done so in a wide variety of colors (single or multi-color), both stock and custom color matched inks are available. This process is also available to be printed on a wide variety of materials, allowing us to meet your specific needs.


Questions about direct printed nameplate solutions? Contact Us for more information.

MaterialsAluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Lexan (Polycarbonate), Plastics, Foil, Mylar, Vinyl
Thickness.002" to .250"
Durability3-5 years of light outdoor performance
Extended DurabilityOur custom designed topcoats have passed 500-hour salt spray testing for harsh environments. These products have demonstrated a 100% passing rating in accordance with ASTM B-117 which meets or exceeds the requirements of Method 811.1 of Federal Test Method Standard No. 151b.
ColorsSpecial color standards - Pantone, ANSI Safety inks, Gov't Specs, RAL, Pantone, FED Federal Standards, Custom color matching.
SizeMax size is 25” x 33” or 20” x 42” for a single image. For larger sizes please refer to our Digital Process capability where we specialize in architectural multi-panel, mural style projects that allows for extremely large images.
End UsesPumps, valves, meters, boilers, precision instruments, dials, identification plates, signage, medical equipment ID tags, thermostat dials, stadium seating, hubodometers, data plates, locker numbers, business cards, safety/warning signs and instruction plates.

Chemical Etching

A chemically etched nameplate is an extremely durable product, with excellent resistance to chemicals and various extreme elements. The etching process removes a layer of the metal, which then allows us to embed the ink/paint into the nameplate in the area that was etched away. This etched area becomes an integral, permanent part of the nameplate. This process is ideal for harsh environments and will last a minimum of 7 years in the field, depending on the conditions, often much longer.

If the ink/paint is somehow removed from an etched nameplate, the data on the plate is still visible in the areas that are etched which extends the life of the nameplate dramatically. This makes this process ideal for some of the most volatile of environments.

Etched Image

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MaterialsStainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper
Thickness.016” to .125”
Etch DepthStandard etch: .0015” -.002”
Deep etch: .003”- .004” - up to .008” material permitting
Durability7-year outdoor environment weatherability (even in the harshest of conditions).
ColorsWater based enamel paints, Pantone standard colors and custom color matching
Size24” x 24” Maximum for a single image. However, we can produce multi panel murals, that allows for extremely large images to be reproduced; with a little creativity, our size limitations are endless
End UsesFlow systems, hydraulic systems, meters, pumps, valves, gauges, offshore drilling, vehicles, boats, various heavy industrial applications. Any application that will be exposed to extreme heat or environmental elements

Custom Label Solutions

We manufacture a wide variety of label products, designed to achieve whatever your label needs to express.

We are able to print on a wide variety of substrates using standard, custom color matched or specialty inks. If you require labels for automatic application, our custom labeling experts can help you plan your design accordingly. From simple serialized, bar-coded or agency approved labels to address labels and warning labels, Chemi-Graphic, Inc has the capabilities and expertise to deliver labels that serve their function flawlessly. Give us your requirements and we can get the job done.

Graphic Arts Solutions

Our art department is staffed full time, ready to help you bring your project to production. Our graphic artists have years of experience working on projects just like yours, and are equipped with the latest computing hardware and software.